Biologically speaking, precious coral belongs to octocorallia, whereas coral reefs belong to hexacorallia. They are completely different species of coral.
Precious coral polyps are divided into eighths.
Precious coral lives quietly at deep sea level more than 100m〜1200m below the surface where light from the sun cannot not reach.
Precious coral eats plankton in the sea and grows slowly.
Precious coral skeleton is firm and once it is polished it has a beautiful sheen.
Thus, its jewelry has been loved by both the East and West for thousands of years.
In contrast to the eight tentacle precious coral, coral reef has six or more tentacles which are called coral polyps. It forms coral reefs such as the table coral and coral mortar, and contains hundreds of different kinds of coral reefs and sea anemone or coral stone.Coral reef needs sunlight and lives in warm shallow water up to 50m deep in tropical and subtropical coastal habitats such as the Australian Great Barrier Reef. Coral reef grows fast up to 8~10cm. Coral reefs are soft and fragile so that their feature does not fit making into jewelry.

The red coral that can only be found in the waters near Japan has earned the standard of excellence for coral. It grows in deep waters, at a depth of 100-300 meters. Japanese red coral is a high quality material often used in top, high-priced jewelry around the world.

Light pink coral is particularly loved by European woman. Comparing it to the skin color of an angel, it was named "Angel Skin." Nowadays, the Angel Skin coral material is extremely hard to find and, thus, very precious.

White coral is the material favored by top jewelry brands worldwide and is gaining popularity in recent years. The pure white color is delicate and warm and compliments a variety of skin tones.

Momo coral grows the fastest and largest among precious coral. For the Japanese market, it is often used in sculptures and for the European market is used to accent precious stone jewelry. In both Japan and Europe, momo coral is gaining the attention of experienced collectors because of its calm tone and suitability to larger pieces of jewelry.

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